Elisa Mengeš d.o.o. was founded in 1990 and is a partnership – private company.

Our strengths are its own brands and the production for the well-known customer. In our development department to meet the needs of the market, we cooperate with our partners in the European Union and the former Yugoslavia territory.

Strong partnership and synergy with our customers, are the basis for our services. Therefore our strong working philosophy based on service, innovation and flexibility.

Our annual production are 6000 tons of products.

In a highly competitive market, we have the latest technology in the production of which we can fulfill every demand of our clients in the sense of the quantity, quality and price.

Wide range of products and different customers’ requirements we provide with the professional flexibility.

Team Elisa Mengeš with her commitment and service to the highest standards always take care for total (client) cost control, reliable delivery, and following innovations on the market.